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Read our practices and policies carefully to avoid any misconceptions and review them properly for smooth conduct.

Payment policies

The next section deals with our take on the practices of payment-related inquiries. And the process that follows any purchase and further implications, if any.

Customer Guidelines for the Use of Services

All the services provided are under the discretion of Body Gold and could be cancelled, limited in amount, or halted without any notice if found to be in violation of our terms and conditions. The services provided to you are not meant to be resold or distributed under any other logo or name. Body Gold holds the complete right and control over the manufacture and/or distribution of our products and services aforementioned on the website. In subject to the report of any matters of the jurisdiction that concern copyright misuse, strict action shall be taken.

The laws in regard to the misuse of the intellectual property mentioned in the abiding laws by the Government of India must be followed strictly. It includes the strict prohibition to reproduce, republish, recreate, or modify any part of the content, product logos, symbols, names, characters, or any other graphics for any other website or page. If performed, it would be a contempt of violation of terms and a case of theft of what belongs to Body Gold. None of the above-mentioned practices will be deemed pardonable if carried out without any consent from us for the same, which holds true similarly for all individuals.

Your Responsibilities

The access and use of our services and products shall be carried out with conscious awareness and complete functional accordance with the policies. No part or section of the website can be modified or revamped such that it disregards the integral aspects of our services or products. Any negligence, carelessness that contributes to losses or damage of any kind to the brand, its partners, or any of its property would be compensated in accordance with the law.

Promotions, Special Events, and Offers

The special functional offers and intermittent events provided on the website are completely (a) subject to terms of use, warnings issued alongside, and policies (b) subject to the offers and claims made by Third parties. The use of these offers to your advantage shall be in regard to a different set of terms and guidelines. Body Gold notifies its customers of such events and offers and the rules to be abided for the same alongside. This is the complete subject to your agreement to the event offers.

User Content

The content provided by you will be with complete faith of good conduct and your agreement to provide content that is (a) not illegitimate, abusive, obscene, illicit, defaming, vulgar or threatening in nature (b) not misleading, objectionable, or false of its claims (c) not a part of some misconduct for which you were compensated by some third party. (d) does not include plagiarism, data infringement, or viruses of any kind. Further, you promise not to (a) assume a false identity or false relation to any identity (b) illicitly collect data of users or anyone that is not meant to be for public revelation (c) forfeit or misuse any facilities or access to harass or harm or defame any individual

All the data, promotional content posted on our website is in regard to the claims by Third-party and does not have any guarantee from us. Any data losses or misconduct provided to the third party for offers or events in form of emails, posts uploaded or provided. Body Gold holds complete right to refuse, remove, or disregard any user content if found violating the Terms and Conditions and/or objectionable to the rights of users.

Disputes and Copyright Claims

The disputes of any kind that arrive at Body Gold shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the Government of India. Upon your arrival at the office/site of Body Gold, the matter will be subject to the Term and Conditions and shall be referred to the Managing Director and Chairman of the company. The judgment would be taken in the court of jurisdiction and shall be considered final after thorough conduct of proceedings.

The claims of any infringement by you are looked into with complete care and in any such case, it may occur, you should kindly choose to send an email with the following contents included (a) a proof of the ownership and identification of the work(s) that your claim mentions of belonging to you or the owner on whose behalf you act (b) a brief description of the content that you claim of ownership and copyright (c) The means to contact you in the form of contact number, email address, and postal address.

We shall contact you for the same after a thorough course of action of the same and then decide the next path subject to the laws and Terms and Conditions.


You completely understand the mentioned points and choose to move further after agreeing and acknowledging the henceforth said proposals, agreements, and matters of concern. It is subject to your understanding and knowledge without any kind of influence.

Shipping Policy

All the orders are shipped within 2 days from order placed date. We use renowned delivery partners to ensure your orders are delivered to you without any hassle. The shipping charges are categorically mentioned on the checkout page to ensure that our customers are aware of what they are paying for. As of now, we do offer free shipping on all our products and we shall keep our customers updated as an when any changes are made to our shipping policy.