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Innovation With Nature To Meet Skincare & Beauty Needs Of Modern Women Is Our Forte!
Body Gold is a holistic luxury herbal skincare and wellness brand that promotes healthy skin through natural ingredients and traditional recipes. Birthed out of sheer passion for natural skincare that leverages the botanical powers of nature infused in plants, herbs, barks, fruits, flowers & spices, as described in Ayurveda. We take tremendous pride in our ability to dig back the roots of ancient Indian tradition & mapping it seamlessly with modern technology to produce high-performance natural skincare products. Body Gold is an end-to-end skincare & beauty brand that is involved in its skincare preparations right from the point of extraction of extracts from rare medicinal plants, to steam distilled pure essential oils, natural cold compressed oils and herb infusions. We employ highly advanced techniques to protect the properties of out ingredients intact. Ancient Indian Ayurveda beauty was all about being natural and pure, controlling our production and the sale of our product right from the beginning assures the roots of purity. We believe in a cruelty free world and make conscious choices that do not harm our mother earth and our certificates attest to it, The authenticity of Body Gold products promises you a fulfilling holistic skin, body and wellness experience. Monte Orleans is a high-integrity skincare brand known for its knack of developing high-performance skincare products with a mesmerizing sensual appeal. Our products are based on ancient skincare formulations driven from oldest Ayurveda, oriental & Egyptian traditions, our beauty enhancing, relaxing, detoxing, rejuvenating & renewing skincare products have been appreciated globally. Using state-of-the art infrastructure, we create formulations using traditional artisan methods of production that are natural & environment-friendly. At our facility, we holistically blend ancient formulations in a modern set-up to curate products in the following four major categories:
  • – Facial Care
  • – Body Care
  • – Hair Care
  • – Spa & Wellness
Our each formulation is intelligently crafted to maintain its ancient original appeal while facilitating ease of use, high standards of authenticity, purity and quality. We have been the industry-leaders for many years in developing a line of all-natural ultra-rich beauty products. Our formulations are not based on chemical compositions, but natural oils, butters, botanical extracts, fruit extracts & essences of dried flowers that the skin can absorb easily. We employ competitive team of highly skilled skincare experts, chemists & cosmetologists that help us create & deliver a product of unmatched quality. It’s our genuine efforts in creating ultra-luxurious yet natural skincare products. It imparts us confidence & pride in our line of herbal cosmetics that are unique, high-class & unsurpassable in all respects



In 2001, Sanjay aggarwal started the brand Body Gold with a passion and natural inclination for providing skin, hair and body care brands that are true to the Indian roots. Since childhood Sanjay had built a curiosity in Ayurveda natural remedies and the reason was his mother’s pittara (bag) full of traditional beauty remedies. His curiosity turned into passion of providing products that were pure and true to our culture. Out of this sheer passion birthed out Body Gold. With a natural instinct for this and a treasure full of his mother’s traditional remedies, Sanjay created products for the top skincare brands that have become the pioneers of Ayurvedic and natural skincare. Now his dream to establish his own brand promoting products that are pure, conscious and true to the Indian roots has come true and it is something that he feels truly blessed for.